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DEM of Mars surface with .img/.lbl files

asked 2020-04-21 07:55:25 -0600

Simone gravatar image

updated 2020-04-22 08:58:41 -0600

Hi there,

I have followed the proposed tutorial about DEM ( and I successfully obtained a DEM of the vulcain: the file mtsthelens_129.dem called by is of type .dem, and the simulation works fine.

Now I am trying to create a DEM of a portion of Mars surface, so I downloaded a .imgfile containing the raster data of Mars surface (this is the link:

Note that there is an associated .lblfile at this link, but I don't know how to use it.

Then I created a .world file, but when I run the simulation the following error occurs:

ERROR 4: `/usr/share/gazebo-11/media/dem/megt90n000cd.img' not recognized as a supported file format. Errore di segmentazione (core dump creato)

However, I believe that Gazebo can realize DEM models using a file whose format is not necessarily .dem, according to what is said in the tutorial:

Currently, Gazebo only supports raster data in the supported formats available in GDAL

These formats are listed in this page: In particular I am interested in the PDS – Planetary Data System v3; about PDS files, in the GDAL web page can be found that:

PDS files often have the extension .img, sometimes with an associated .lbl (label) file. When a .lbl file exists it should be used as the dataset name rather than the .img file

but I don't know what does it mean.

My question is: can I use files whose format is different from .dem in order to create a DEM? Can I convert a .img file containing raster data in a .dem one?

Could anyone please help me? Thanks a lot in advance!!

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1 Answer

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answered 2020-04-23 06:25:16 -0600

Simone gravatar image

When there are both a .lbl file and an associated .img file, the .world file should load the .lbl file rather than the .img one. In fact, in some way the .lbl file takes automatically the data contained in the .img one.

However, both files should be saved in the same directory.

Note that with the command gdal_translate the .lbl file can be converted in a .dem or .tif one.

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