Axes incorrect for Actor dae import from Adobe Mixamo

asked 2020-04-22 10:32:02 -0500

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Hi, I have a dae file created from (which is _fantastic_ btw). When I import it into gazebo, the actor appears rotated 90deg about the x and z axes. Attempting to set the pose with the <pose> tag is fruitless. Setting the pose within animation waypoints works, but the footprint of the actor does not touch the ground.</pose>

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<sdf version="1.6">
  <world name="default">
    <actor name="actor">
      <pose>0 0 0 1.57 0 1.57</pose>
            <trajectory id="0" type="walking">
                  <pose>0 0 0 1.57 0 1.57</pose>
                  <pose>0 0 0 1.57 0 1.57</pose>
      <!--animation name="yelling">
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I noticed that collada files have a parameter for <up_axis>. The mixamo always has a value as Y_UP. The 'default' animations that come with gazebo are apparently made in blender and have a value of Z_UP for this field .. I tried changing the value of the mixamo dae file to Z_UP but this changes nothing. Using the plugin seems to work, but I don't know how to plan a trajectory that way :/

felcjo gravatar imagefelcjo ( 2020-04-28 23:17:56 -0500 )edit

did you manage to solve it?

Lorite gravatar imageLorite ( 2021-12-07 15:47:42 -0500 )edit