Spawned model not resting properly on table

asked 2020-05-04 07:50:51 -0600

Shrutheesh R Iyer gravatar image

Hello! I am fairly new to Gazebo (and ROS). I am trying to spawn a few simple objects on a table.

My primary launch file C:\fakepath\motomini_with_table_parts.launch calls a world file, which just comprises of a ground plane and a table. (If it helps, the table is of height 1.02 units)

The launch file also calls a launch file to spawn the different parts. C:\fakepath\model_spawner.launch This merely runs a node to spawn 3 different objects.

So far, the code works well. But, on looking at the spawned parts, as shown in the picture, the parts are not resting on top of the table exactly. These objects are all from the gazebo model database itself.


The objects seem to go inside the table, which is evident from the bowl in the picture. How do I correct this?

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