Joints moving senseless

asked 2020-05-23 15:01:46 -0500

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I create an sdf model from a SolidWorks model. The sdf has propellers and control surfaces (ailerons, flaps). When I add the model to the gazebo simulation all this joints starts moving. The propellers are spinning all time and the control surfaces move downwards, they don't remain in the initial position. How can I fix the joints in the initial position and that they do not move until I indicate it with a control plugin?

Thank you for your help.

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Did you ever find a solution? I have a similar situation with wheels on a rover model. I have yet to implement a control policy or plugin, so all I have in Gazebo is the robot model. The wheels start not moving and they just begin to accelerate. I can't pinpoint the problem.

Adam Gronewold gravatar imageAdam Gronewold ( 2021-05-04 17:00:43 -0500 )edit