Include robot program in its own language to laucnh it remotly in Gazebo

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Wanted to know if it possible to associate a robot program, written in the robot language so not necesseraly ROS, when spawning its model in Gazebo ?

To be more precise, this is what I would like to achieve :

— TCP communication between a custom app and Gazebo in order to :

  • send a robot model name so it is spawned in a simulation (for example an UR3)
  • send a task name (for example "pick_object") so when it received in Gazebo, the pre-programmed "pick_object" function (programmed in urscript) is launched. So, in other words, are native robot controllers available ?

In real life I actually have the "pick_object" function programmed in URscript directly on my UR3 controller and can start it by sending something from a TCP socket to the robot controller. So I basically wish to do the same thing in a simulated environment. So far, I think it is possible from what I read, but not sure about the pre-programmed thing. I kind of have the feeling you can control robot only using ros topics.

Thank you for your help

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