Adding a hokuyo on Solo 3DR - Topic not showing on ROS

asked 2020-05-27 16:54:54 -0500

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I'm trying to add a hokuyo sensor on a Solo 3DR drone on Gazebo . I added the plugins, joints and links on my sdf file and I can see the sensor and the topic correctly on Gazebo. The issue is that the sensor topics are not listed when I type rostopic list. What am I doing wrong ?

If I type rostopic lists the only 2 listed topics are :

/rosout /rosout_agg

Thanks in advance.image description

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You need to use the gazebo_ros package to subscribe to sensor topics in gazebo

Jaeyoung-Lim gravatar imageJaeyoung-Lim ( 2020-05-31 08:05:26 -0500 )edit