How to fix lighting differences for the same simulation on different computers

asked 2020-06-09 03:05:18 -0600


I am fairly new to Gazebo and I have this issue which I can't seem to figure how to solve or what causes it with the lighting in the same simulation/scene on 2 different computers. Both of the computers run the same Gazebo version (9.13.1) but one of them does it on Ubuntu 18.04 and the other one on KDE Neon 5.18. On the KDE computer the lighting in gazebo is very weak and has a much lower intensity (first picture attached) but on the Ubuntu machine, the same scene with the same light sources and same parameters has very bright (almost fully white) lighting. I don't know what might cause this so, does anyone know how could I fix this?

How the lighting looks like on the machine running KDE Neon 5.18 with Gazebo 9.13.1:

image description

How the lighting looks like on the machine running Ubuntu 18.04 with same Gazebo 9.13.1:

image description

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