Gazebo is suddenly much slower

asked 2020-06-17 12:22:26 -0500

GazeNO gravatar image

Hello all,

I have quite a strange problem. I have been simulating a robot in gazebo over the past few weeks now. Everything has been working fine until now, but this morning, the simulation suddenly ran much slower than it used to. A movement that my robot would execute in 4 seconds takes 18 seconds now . I've gone back into the code but I can safely say that nothing has been changed there and the code is not the problem. I also tried rebooting my laptop and leaving it off for a few hours, but still to no avail. Realtime factor is also still the same. Could this be a gezebo problem, or might there be a problem with my laptop?

Does anybody have an idea on what might be causing this? Thanks in advance!

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