Change kp kd of a model while simulation is running?

asked 2020-06-21 18:35:57 -0500

d_joshi gravatar image

Hello everyone. I an trying to grasp and manipulate objects in gazebo with a robotiq gripper. I am using the gazebo_ros_api for ros communication. I need to change the max step size physics parameter of the simulation while performing different tasks. I have been doing this using the gazabo/get_physics_properties service from my rosnode.

I am using ode, so I suspect that changing the max step size parameter also changes the CFM of my models because the (kp kd) -> (CFM, ERP) mapping provided by gazebo is dependent on max step size, as given here. I need the CFM and ERP of the object I am trying to grasp to stay constant. Could anyone tell me how I could change the value of a particular object's kp and kd while the simulation is running to keep its CFM and ERP constant?

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