How to prevent revolute joint rotation ?

asked 2020-06-24 04:42:16 -0500

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I want to simulate a robot with 4 wheels (rotating around x axis) connected to 4 turrets (rotating around z axis). My problem is that when I send velocity commands to my wheels, each turret begins to rotate around z axis, even if I send them a position command to 0.0.

I have attempted several solutions :

  • change inertia of my wheels to :

     wheel_ixx = wheel_mass * (wheel_radius**2 / 4.0 + wheel_thickness**2 / 12.0)
     wheel_iyy = wheel_mass * (wheel_radius**2 / 4.0 + wheel_thickness**2 / 12.0)
     wheel_izz = wheel_mass/2.0 * wheel_radius**2
  • look at friction :

    • for the wheels :

    • for the turrets :

  • try torque compensation : by applying through a gazebo plugin


But it is still not working. I through about sending an infinite torque to my turret so that no torque can be higher and make it rotate but I don't know how to do so. I am sending position commands to my turrets through the topic /joint_cmd so I send gazebo::msgs::JointCmd and I have access only to the name, velocity, position and force of the joint.

Can you help me please? :)

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