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Where to find detailed documentation on how to use gazebo sensor plugins ?

asked 2020-09-25 04:24:50 -0500

shiva gravatar image

I use this documentation for reference but :

However sections under block laser and F3D is empty with no documentation on parameters required ?

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2 Answers

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answered 2020-10-13 21:04:36 -0500

wongrufus gravatar image

updated 2020-10-13 21:04:48 -0500

Given the lack of documentation, your second best bet might be to refer to the source code of gazebo_ros's implementation

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answered 2020-10-22 07:55:22 -0500

robotlab gravatar image

updated 2020-10-22 07:57:48 -0500

Unfortunately there is no good documentation for the plugins. However, you can find some additional information about the sensors from the sources below.

At you can search for the different sensor and there are some descriptions of the different parameters, unfortunately not for block laser and f3d. Maybe you can use the <vertical> parameter to get the same behavior of having several scan layers.

I found this information for the block laser on what parameters it takes, but not any description though.

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