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Why should I use a ROS plugin instead of the GAZEBO camera?

asked 2020-11-27 05:24:41 -0500

Zeckurbo gravatar image

I want to simulate a 3D depth camera, but I allways find tutorials for a ROS plugin. Is there a reason to use only the plugin or is the normal gazebo camera also viable?

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As far as I have found out, the ROS plugin can send a ros message to a ros node. The normal gazebo depth camera will only write in the console but will not publish to any ros node whatsoever.

Zeckurbo gravatar imageZeckurbo ( 2021-01-20 10:31:05 -0500 )edit

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answered 2020-11-27 11:07:22 -0500

The ROS plugin just offers a ROS api for the gazebo camera, it doesn't do much work besides that. If you want to use the gazebo plugin without ros, you'll need to write a gazebo plugin in C++, or use ignition/gazebo transport (which also only exists for C++). But in short, you do not need ros, it's just very common.

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Thank you for your answer. So there is no pre-build ready to use Gazebo depth camera? Do you know any good tutorials to use a depth camera in gazebo? The official tutorial from the get started page was a bit short and also only for ROS.

Zeckurbo gravatar imageZeckurbo ( 2020-11-28 04:47:26 -0500 )edit

You can follow that tutorial to set up the gazebo sensor, and then write your own plugin. I don't know of any tutorials, sorry. But the ros plugin code should be good reference for you, or perhaps this:

Peter Mitrano gravatar imagePeter Mitrano ( 2020-12-11 19:44:20 -0500 )edit

Thank you very much

Zeckurbo gravatar imageZeckurbo ( 2020-12-17 14:04:02 -0500 )edit
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