Why does accessing ModelPtr from WorldPtr cause VM to crash with modified gazebo_ray_sensor_plugin?

asked 2021-01-14 17:35:15 -0500

Hi All, I have made some modifications to gazebo_ray_sensor_plugin.cpp in ROS2 Foxy and I’m looking for some debugging help. The modifications work perfectly fine on my native Ubuntu 20.04 desktop, but crashes on a VirtualBox Ubuntu 20.04 VM I have on a Windows 10 machine. If I comment out the line in the code below where the ModelPtr is being assigned to model_, everything works great on the VM setup, no errors or crashes. However, I need the model pointer so that I can access a link's velocity. Any ideas why that line causes Gazebo to choke up and cause my VM to run out of memory?

void GazeboRosRaySensorPrivate::PublishPointCloud2(ConstLaserScanStampedPtr & _msg)
  ignition::math::Vector3d v_link_rel_world_in_link {0,0,0};
  if (calc_vel_flag_) {
    // Get Model and Link
    if(init_) {
      model_ = world_->ModelByName(model_name_);
      //link_ = model_->GetLink(frame_name_);
      init_ = false;
    // Get Link Relative Linear Velocity
    //v_link_rel_world_in_link = link_->RelativeLinearVel();
  // Convert Laser scan to PointCloud2
  auto pc2 = gazebo_ros::Convert<sensor_msgs::msg::pointcloud2>(*_msg, min_intensity_, 
                                             calc_vel_flag_, v_link_rel_world_in_link);
  // Set tf frame
  pc2.header.frame_id = frame_name_;
  // Publish output

The unmodified version of gazebo_ray_sensor_plugin.cpp can be found here: https://github.com/ros-simulation/gaz...

Go easy on me, I'm new to Gazebo and C++ in general.

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