[Ignition-Gazebo] How can I use JointController without PID to control Force/Torque?

asked 2021-02-08 22:42:56 -0500

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Hi all, I am a graduate student who is trying to use ignition for the simulation of bipedal robots. I found that the plugin "JointController" use PID control to control the joint torque/force (for revolute/prismatic joints). However, the actual hardware does not use PID to control torque because the torque from actuators is proportional to the current from amplifier(servo driver). So the computer can directly control the torque.

I want to control the torque at the joint without using PID. What should I do with JointController to control torque/force without PID??

I was wondering that it might better to exchange the configuration of torque/force control with that of velocity control. This is because most of robots does not need PID to control joint torque and it need PID/PD to control the joint velocity. However in gazebo, JointContoroller directly prescribe the target velocity to the joint velocity.

Thanks in advance.

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