Can't load collision model

asked 2021-02-11 19:13:02 -0500

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Gazebo is not loading the collision file of the model properly, saying it can't find the collision file. Launching Gazebo with the --verbose option, prints this when loading the model:

[Wrn] [] File or path does not exist [""] [model://banana/collision.dae]
[Err] [] Failed to find mesh file [model://banana/collision.dae]

But the collision file is in the directory and I believe it's properly specified in the SDF file like this:

<collision name="collision">

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Even though it is shown visually the collision model using the Collisions option in the View menu, it doesn't work, the banana falls trough the floor and the console says the file is not found.

image description

I'm using Gazebo11 in Ubuntu 20.04.

The collision model is a low-poly version of the visual model.

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