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How to write ros_ign_bridge in launch file?

asked 2021-02-13 23:35:14 -0500

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I use ros2 and ignition to simulate the dynamics of bipedal robot. Thus I need to run bunch of ros_ign_bridge nodes. it is really cumbersome to run those nodes from the terminal. I want to make the launch file to run those nodes. However, I do not know what /TOPIC@ROS_MSG@IGN_MSG is. Probably it is not a parameter neither argument of the node.

Please let me know how to write launch file for the ros_ign_bridge.

ignition: Citadel
OS: Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS Focal Fossa


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answered 2021-02-15 02:57:20 -0500

ahcorde gravatar image


To give you an example: /chatter@std_msgs/String@ignition.msgs.StringMsg

  • chatter is the ignition topic name. This topic will be created in the ROS 2 network with the same name
  • std_msgs/String ROS type msgs
  • ignition.msgs.StringMsg: Ignition type msgs

If you want to create a launch file, you have a look to this launch file. The key part:

# Bridge
bridge = Node(

Hope this help

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If anyone is looking for examples with ros1 xml syntax, see

nealtanner gravatar imagenealtanner ( 2021-10-21 11:20:46 -0500 )edit
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