Gazebo Black Screen when accessing gzserver on remote computer

asked 2021-02-22 10:02:14 -0500

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I have a Desktop with Ubuntu 18.04 and a MacBook pro.

I installed ros-melodic-desktop-full (source) on the Ubuntu 18 machine. ROS and Gazebo 9.0.0 work well there.

I installed Gazebo 9.16.0 (latest 9.x as of today) on the MacBook. I can launch Gazebo with gazebo command and I get a blank world (gray background, can drop in balls & cubes, etc)

However, I need to launch gzclient on the MacBook and point it at the gzserver running on the Ubuntu desktop

I tried launching gzclient with this command:

GAZEBO_IP= GAZEBO_MASTER_URI= gzclient --verbose

I also launched the gzserver with the same GAZEBO_IP and GAZEBO_MASTER_URI.

However, I just get a black screen in gazebo. Looks like this

If I launch gzclient on the Ubuntu desktop at the same time, it can connect to the gzserver and I can spawn a robot there and everything works.

Why is gzclient on the Mac unable to connect to gzserver on the Ubuntu machine? gzclient on the mac logs a message saying the versions of Gazebo don't match (9.16.0 vs 9.0.0). Is that the problem? If so, where can I get Gazebo 9.0.0 for Mac? Or is it a networking problem?

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