accuracy of gazebo simulation of arm vs real hardware

asked 2021-03-11 01:20:32 -0500

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I am interested in getting the most accurate gazebo representation of a custom 7-dof robotics arm, in terms of its dynamics when loaded/unloaded vs the real arm. Is this even possible?

In the open source projects with arms that I see, the gazebo sim do not correlate with reality for the arm. The arm is tuned with some PIDs for the EffortJointController so it works well in sim, but it has not correlation with the real hardware. Most projects actually just use the Hareware_interface/PositionJointController instead since there's no need for a PID.

Given the link inertias, mass, torque limits, vel limit and accel limits in the urdf, is that not enough to give a good representation? What else is missing? In theory, what other factors complicates the simulation such that it cannot realistically match a real arm?

The Atlas was simulated in Gazebo by OSRF for the DRC. It was capable ok walking. Is the simulation an accurate model of the robot there?

I'm using ROS noetic and the default ode engine for Gazebo 11.

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