Adding a ROS camera and gimbal to a an existant model in Gazebo (to vtol model)? (Beginner)

asked 2021-03-22 08:52:44 -0500

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I am very new to using things like Gazebo and ROS. I was wondering about how one might take a model from Gazebo (VTOL model) and attach a camera and gimbal to it, and see the feed?

My goal is to use this camera in the detection (YOLO), tracking, and geolocalization of objects in real-time during the flight.

My guess is that I have to go into the code of the model files (.sdf) and add the camera code? But I am unfamiliar with the code or how it works. And how would I get the feed? Is there a simpler way to do this?

Can someone please guide me through this process? I have Gazebo11, ROS1 and I am running Ubuntu 20.04.

Thank you!

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if you solved the issue please answer, it would help others

nullspace gravatar imagenullspace ( 2022-10-14 04:20:28 -0500 )edit