irregularities in simulation in ignition gazebo 4

asked 2021-03-26 10:07:59 -0500

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OS Version: Ubuntu 18.04 (Virtual Machine)

Source or binary build?
binary installed (version below)


adwaitnaik@ubuntu:~$ ign gazebo -v
[Msg] Ignition Gazebo GUI    v4.6.0
[Msg] Ignition Gazebo Server v4.6.0

While simulating animals (in .dae format) in the ignition gazebo, I often get an error saying animation update is invalid. The simulated environment is highly distorted and irregular like this one

Note: I am modeling the mesh files in Blender (2.8 version) and export them in .dae format.

This is the expected behavior link

Workaround and tweaks I tried

  1. I tried changing some parameters in Collada loader link as suggested.

  2. I modeled the file in the blender again but that doesn't seem to work.

Please can anybody suggest a solution cause this is really a pressing problem for me?

Here's my model and sdf


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