Gazebo vehicle model is not moving with non-zero cmd_vel - Autoware 1.12

asked 2021-04-09 00:43:40 -0500

ashokm gravatar image

Environment details: Ubuntu 16.04, ROS-Kinetic, Gazebo7, Autoware 1.12

I have launched the Gazebo world from Autoware 1.12 workspace and pulished non zero commands in /cmd_vel from terminal. What I have observed is vehicle is moving. And after somtime, I freshly restart the Gazebo for another run, vehicle is not moving. Tried relaunching the world again by killing the old gazebo processes. Vehicle is not moving with non zero cmd_vel.

Command used Autoware ros workspace to launch gazebo : roslaunch vehicle_gazebo_simulation_launcher gazebo_launcher.launch

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