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How do you use ignition gazebo?

asked 2021-04-20 09:20:40 -0500

cjds gravatar image

Trying to use ignition Gazebo with the following command

ign gazebo world.sdf but it doesn't load and I don't get any feedback

Looking at the help it doesn't actually seem to have that command

The 'ign' command provides a command line interface to the ignition tools.

  ign <command> [options]

List of available commands:

  help:          Print this help text.
  msg:           Print information about messages.
  topic:         Print information about topics.
  service:       Print information about services.
  fuel:          Manage simulation resources.
  log:           Record or playback topics.
  sdf:           Utilities for SDF files.


  --force-version <VERSION>  Use a specific library version.
  --versions                 Show the available versions.
  --commands                 Show the available commands.
Use 'ign help <command>' to print help for a command.

Using apt list

libignition-gazebo3-dbg/unknown 3.8.0-1~focal amd64
libignition-gazebo3-dev/unknown 3.8.0-1~focal amd64
libignition-gazebo3-plugins/unknown 3.8.0-1~focal amd64
libignition-gazebo3/unknown 3.8.0-1~focal amd64
libignition-gazebo4-dbg/unknown 4.7.0-1~focal amd64
libignition-gazebo4-dev/unknown 4.7.0-1~focal amd64
libignition-gazebo4-plugins/unknown 4.7.0-1~focal amd64
libignition-gazebo4/unknown 4.7.0-1~focal amd64
libignition-gazebo5-dbg/unknown 5.0.0-1~focal amd64
libignition-gazebo5-dev/unknown 5.0.0-1~focal amd64
libignition-gazebo5-plugins/unknown 5.0.0-1~focal amd64
libignition-gazebo5/unknown 5.0.0-1~focal amd64

on Ubuntu 20.04

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1 Answer

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answered 2021-04-20 11:46:36 -0500

Jose Luis Rivero gravatar image

The missing support you are looking for is being currently shipped in cmdgazeboX.rb files (where X is the major version)

~ ❯ dpkg -L libignition-gazebo5-dev | grep cmd.*.rb

I would recommend to follow install instructions and use the latest metapackage avaiable (Edifice release in the moment of writing this). The metapackage should leave everything ready to run.

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