Gazebo plug-in to control DOF robot with PoseStamped

asked 2021-04-26 09:04:50 -0500

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hi everyone,

is there an equivalent of the plugin
that can be used for the PoseStamped message on the /move_base_simple Topic to control a DOF type robot?

If not --- --- then which packages are required for a DOF type robot in Gazebo to react to published PoseStamped goal by sending this command?

ros2 topic pub /move_base_simple/goal geometry_msgs/PoseStamped '{ header: { frame_id: "world"}, pose: { position: { x: 0.4, y: 0.7 }, orientation: { x: 0, y: 0, z: 0, w: 1 } } }'

thanks for all/any suggestions!

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