How to add a png file as a logo on my gazebo model which is an .stl file and written in .sdf.jinja format?

asked 2021-05-05 01:17:44 -0600

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I have been trying to add image file to a mesh type stl file by using

<script> <name>Logo/R2S</name> <uri>model://r2s_cupcar/materials/scripts/logo.material</uri> <uri>model://r2s_cupcar/materials/logo/r2s.png</uri> </script>

Changes I have made in .material file:

material Logo/R2S { technique { pass { texture_unit { texture r2s.png scale 150.0 1.0 } } } }

My config file: <?xml version="1.0"?> <model> <name>R2S Cup Car</name> <version>1.0</version> <sdf version="1.5">r2s_cupcar.sdf</sdf> <author> <name>Benjamin Perseghetti</name> <email></email> </author> <description>A model of the R2S Cup Car.</description> </model>

Please guide me about its further process on further changes I can make in my .sdf.jinja file to include logo image properly as for now I am just getting different colours from my image file on the model. Thanks in advance

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