Gzclient mess up my attitude control

asked 2021-06-01 10:13:21 -0500

Bigbaf gravatar image

Hello everyone,

I am trying to simulate several UAV in Gazebo using ROS2, and i'm stuck at controlling a uav on the yaw axis. I first thought it was a PID tuning problem, but I later realized that the tuning could be achieved without the gazebo client, by plotting the yaw_cmd and yaw calculated inside my program.

The problem was that, when launched with the client, the response was totally different, reacting inappropriately to the command.

My guesses are that the time synchronization is making the PID run bad because of a calculation resources too much used by the gzclient. I would greatly appreciate any advice on what this problem can be due to, and how to fix it.

Thanks, Bigbaf

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