Can you render a camera in headless mode?

asked 2021-06-08 01:12:53 -0500

jdekarske gravatar image

(version 9.18.0)

I'm trying to run a simulation in a Docker container in which the output of a camera (libgazebo_ros_camera) can be accessed externally. Everything works fine when my display is mounted to the container.

I receive this if I do not mount my display.

[Err] [] Can't open display: 
[Wrn] [] Unable to create X window. Rendering will be disabled
[Wrn] [] Cannot initialize render engine since render path type is NONE. Ignore this warning ifrendering has been turned off on purpose.

This page is pretty clear that cameras won't render in headless mode. So, this may be a dumb question, but I vaguely remember accomplishing this before.

Any other ideas would be great!

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Not sure, if this is the same case, but some time ago I needed to use GPU version of a laser scanner (gpu_ray sensor). In order to make it work, I needed to use vcl software to emulate virtual X-window. However, if camera is part of visualisation GUI, it may not help...

m.bahno gravatar imagem.bahno ( 2021-06-09 09:01:16 -0500 )edit