Model Editor: Extrude .svg does not work

asked 2021-06-19 09:28:25 -0500

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So I'm trying to create a racetrack in Gazebo. I have a PNG File of the track:

image description

I used Inkscape to create an SVG out of it, which looks like this:

image description

The path: image description

When extruding the SVG in Gazebo's Model Editor the track doesn't appear. Instead, I only get one link with no visual appearance:

image description

(Extruding process looks like this:)

image description

In the terminal I get following Error Messages:

image description


  • Extruding the track in Blender does work. However I'm not happy with the accuracy.
  • I tried using GIMP to create the .svg-file instead. Still doesn't work.
  • I tried to connect the left and the right line with a white line. Still doesn't work.

I am using Gazebo 11.6

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