Revolute joint won't rotate passively

asked 2021-07-23 14:56:06 -0500

jkup14 gravatar image

Hi, I have a robot that requires a revolute joint connecting the body to the wheels to roll passively. Currently, the wheels either slide on the surface or stick, depending on the friction parameters, but the joint never moves. This leads me to believe that this is a joint issue. This is what the urdf joint looks like: <joint name="Left_wheel_joint" type="revolute"> <origin xyz="0.127 0 0" rpy="1.2764 0 0"/> <parent link="Left_slide"/> <child link="Left_wheel"/> <axis xyz="1 0 0"/> <dynamics damping="0.01" friction="0.0"/> <limit effort="1000" lower="-10e100" upper="10e100" velocity="5"/> </joint>

And the wheel friction parameters: <gazebo reference="Left_wheel"> <mu1>10</mu1> <mu2>10</mu2> <self_collide>0</self_collide> <material>Gazebo/DarkGrey</material> <kp value="1000000.0"/> <kd value="1.0"/> <fdir1 value="1 0 0"/> <mindepth>0.005</mindepth> <maxvel>0.0001</maxvel> </gazebo>

Note: the wheels have a position controller implemented, but when it is time for the wheels to roll passively, the controller is switched off, so I do not believe this to be the issue.

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