Difference in ParentName return between sensors on two different installs.

asked 2021-08-03 08:40:50 -0600

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I have two separate machines where I am seeing two different results for sensors when I call ParentName();

On the original machine I get avatar_bot::avatar_tray::case_overhang_sensor::case_overhang_sensor_link

On the newer machines I am seeing avatar_bot::case_overhang_sensor::case_overhang_sensor_link

The machine that displays just avatar_bot (and not tray) was set up last June and was originally installed with gazebo9_13.1. On machines being set up the past month, gazebo9_19.0 was installed originally, but then rolled back to 9_13.1 and I was seeing the same results. All my ignition library commits (ign-cmake, ign-common, ign-fuel-tools, ign-msgs, ign-transport, sdfformat) match at installation. I have looked through the Gazebo9 release notes and git blames for Sensor.cc/.hh, SensorManager.cc/.hh, an haven't found any leads. There has been no changes in any of the sdf/urdf files. a

Here are some snippets from relevant sdf files avatar_bot model.sdf ... C:\fakepath\avatar_bot_snippet.png ... avatar_tray model.sdf ... C:\fakepath\avatar_tray_snippet.png ... Does anyone have any suggestions or solutions?


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