Is self_collide on link enable in ignition?

asked 2021-09-09 04:30:46 -0500

Tudala gravatar image

Hello to all of you: I created a robot tower crane model in Ignition, the version of the sdf is 1.7. What I want to do is limiting the middle slider between the two side of the arm. I know that if two links is linked by a joint, they will not collide with each other, so what I do with the model is :

  1. Separate the arm in to three part (shown in the figure, they are blocker, arm, pole);

  2. Give the slider link a <self_collide> tag.

image description

However when I change the position of the slider, it just go through the other link (the pole and the blocker). I'm sure that every link has collision just the same as their visual mesh. Am I doing anything wrong, or it just because that the ignition doesn't support self collide on links yet?

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