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How do you re-specify the current step_queue using a Python script

asked 2013-05-08 23:47:11 -0600

eric gravatar image

updated 2013-05-09 06:34:20 -0600

What is the code similar to: self.client.sendgoal(walkgoal) used in the Keyboard Teleop example that sends only an updated set of steps while the BDI continues to actively execute a step list. Do we need to specify where in the list of 4 steps these numbered steps need to be inserted? Can we specify steps further out then the 4 steps that the controller is holding?

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1 Answer

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answered 2013-05-11 10:32:41 -0600

asomerville gravatar image

updated 2013-05-11 15:36:49 -0600

You can only specify the next 4 steps, and you can know when there is another needed by looking at the "/atlas/atlas_sim_interface_state" message which specifies "walk_feedback" which has the field "next_step_index_needed":

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Asked: 2013-05-08 23:47:11 -0600

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