Configure Gazebo and Simulink for Co-simulation of a Manipulator Robot

asked 2021-10-05 06:07:35 -0500

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I am planning to connect my Simulink model to the Gazebo robot using Ubuntu 18.04 and Gazebo 9, and I have found that building a world setup is required to perform co-simulation between Gazebo and Simulink for Co-simulation of a Manipulator Robot and I refer to this link ( MathWorks). I did these steps:

1-opened the Xacro file using the roslaunch command.

2-Saved the newly created world to a .world file and added it in /usr/share/gazebo-9/worlds. (created file ,as shown below,did not include and i added my self(do not know if it is right.)

3- Added mesh files into /usr/share/gazebo-9/models.

now my questions are?

1-I tried to open the .world file using the command gazebo --verbose but i got this " You must call ros::init() before creating the first NodeHandle".what is the problem?

2-In this website teaches us to" add .sdf file to an existing world, manually or via the Gazebo GUI".I do not understand what does this statement means and do not know where should I add this. sdf file. could anyone please explain it to me?

3-In this website teaches to "Execute the following commands on the Gazebo machine to clone the linked repository" .where should I clone it exactly?

4-I have installed my package in-home/i-gadget/scripts and installed GazeboPlugIn in usr/src directory,and added my .world file in where gazebo models are located /usr/share/gazebo-9/worlds. could you please tell me where I should install GazeboCoSimPlugin ?.Should i install it in my robot package?. my sdf file :C:\fakepath\panda.sdf

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