Actor Plugin in Gazebo-11 not starting on ground pane?

asked 2021-10-28 12:28:03 -0500

Julian94 gravatar image

I am trying to follow the tutorial on how to make an animated model from Gazebo: to simulate people walking around my bot but the actors seem to be up some units on the z-axis and are floating. image description

I have adjusted the SDF to my world and I adjusted the pose as shown below but it still is not working.

 <actor name="actor1">
  <pose>0 1 0 0 0 0</pose>
  <animation name="walking">

  <plugin name="actor1_plugin" filename="">
    <target>0 -5 1.2138</target>

I am wondering if the plugin has its parameters to stay within bounds of the z-axis at some units above 1 but I'm not sure. I am using Gazebo-11 Ros2 Foxy. How can I fix this so that my actors are on the ground plane. I have changed the pose many times but nothing works.

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