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Is it possible to create an aruco marker and add it to Gazebo11?

asked 2021-11-13 22:48:44 -0500

tdwilhelm gravatar image

I'm using ar_track_alvar package ROS is only up to Melodic I'm using ubuntu 20.04 Noetic

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answered 2021-11-22 11:25:07 -0500

I happen to have a blog post where I describe how to create a model of an aruco marker.

Check it out at

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Hey, loved your blog post and it helped me a lot in getting started on my own visual servoing project. But there was one issue I had there though, you might consider adding a white border around the marker since it makes the detection more accurate/robust

Roaz gravatar imageRoaz ( 2022-01-28 15:32:47 -0500 )edit

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