Should I design in FreeCAD or Gazebo?

asked 2021-11-21 20:59:04 -0500

sameh4 gravatar image

Hello, I am complete design beginner, but I am a seasoned software developer. I want to build an autonomous snow plow for my personal use using ros2. I am experienced in ros2, localization and nav2.

I started with a DC motor and wheels from a mobility scooter and tried to fabricate a base and frame around them. It worked, but it was just badly done and very difficult.

Now I need to add a third wheel and a linear actuator. Rather than botch those too, I thought to model it first so I can have all the precise measurements, and make the metal cutting and assembly easier and less painful.

I read that FreeCAD can export to URDF. I am just wondering if it's easier to design the thing in URDF from the beginning, rather than learn a little FreeCAD so I can get a URDF file?

To be clear, my goal in design is to precisely define all the pieces, gears, sprockets, and their measurements etc so that assembly can be faster and easier, plus test out some of the software in simulation.

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