black screen on parallels with M1 and 3d acceleration enabled. Ubuntu 20, gazebo 11

asked 2021-11-30 16:13:35 -0600

JMLem gravatar image

Hi, I already asked the same question to parallels since I'm not sure from where the problem is coming. Here it is: I cannot run gazebo properly when I enable 3d acceleration. There is no errors in the terminal, just a UI with a black screen. Whenever I disable 3d acceleration, everything works fine, but a little bit slow.

If I run glmark2 benchmark, I clearly see a big difference when I enable or disable 3d acceleration which seems to point out the problems doesn't seems to come from OpenGL 3.1

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Can you tell me how you are turning off 3D acceleration? I'm stuck on the black screen.

iang gravatar imageiang ( 2021-12-29 00:54:21 -0600 )edit