Using ardupilot to move gazebo robot

asked 2021-12-27 12:21:11 -0500

flyingsubs gravatar image

I am new to Gazebo (so maybe this is easier than I am making it). I want to link gazebo and ardupilot together so that my 'gazebo plane' moves according to an arduplane SITL; however, I don't want gazebo to be the physics/flight dynamics engine that the SITL is using. The gazebo/ardupilot plugins seems to use a special plane (gazebo-zephyr) which (I think) models the flight dynamics in gazebo which is much more than I need (and want). For my case I just want to move a camera around in a gazebo world based on the ardupiolt's SITL simulation, that camera feed will get piped back in to my processing logic outside of Gazebo and ArduPilot.

For this use case, am I right that the gazebo arduplane plugin (SwiftGust and khancyr) are overkill for what I need? Is there a simple way to get a moving camera based on the Ardupilot SITL running?

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