Self_Collide on SDF is not working in Gazebo sim even though the property boxes are shown checked.

asked 2022-01-05 12:14:40 -0500

I am completely new to Gazebo and I am working on simulating a robotic hand and I cannot keep the thumb from clipping through the other fingers. I have put self_collide on all of my links and even put self collide on the whole model at one point. Gazebo shows a check mark in the self collide properties for all of my links (except the distal index? not sure why, but that shouldn't matter because according to the SDF specifications only one link of two colliding needs to have self collide enable) but the distal thumb can clip through the motors and proximal fingers which all have self collide enabled.

I have tried following the solutions of other posts with this issue but none have worked and most of them are just adding <gazebo> tags around things. what am I doing wrong? the bulk of my SDF file was created by SDFusion and then I went in and edited some things by hand like the joint limits because they were exported wrong.

here is my SDF

I am running windows 11 and using WSL2 and I am launching the simulation with a ROS2 launch file

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