Declare parameter in Gazebo plugin node

asked 2022-04-15 03:06:38 -0500

KhalidOwlWalid gravatar image

Currently, I have the following in my gazebo plugin

  mean = bounding_boxes_settings["gaussian_noise"]["mean"].as<double>();
  standard_deviation =

and it takes inputs from a YAML file, but if I want to update the parameter value, I would have to kill the node and run it again. In ROS, I can simply declare this as a parameter and access the parameter by simply using

ros2 param list

Is there any similar methods that can be done for Gazebo where I can declare this as a Node and update the values accordingly without having to kill my node?

I did this

  this->rosnode_->mean = bounding_boxes_settings["gaussian_noise"]["mean"].as<double>();
  this->rosnode_->standard_deviation =

but it did not work and I am getting this error

error: ‘using element_type = class gazebo_ros::Node’ {aka ‘class gazebo_ros::Node’} has no member named ‘mean’

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how I could do this in gazebo?

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