How to use Gazebo 7 or Gazebo 9 with ROS Noetic?

asked 2022-04-28 05:20:23 -0500

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I am aware that Gazebo versions are tied/coupled with ROS distributions. For e.g. Gazebo 7 with Kinetic, Gazebo 9 with Melodic and Gazebo 11 with Noetic. How do I use an unsupported Gazebo version with a specific ROS distribution?

I work with ROS Noetic and wanted to try out some simulation packages which were written for ROS Melodic or ROS Kinetic. I could build the package from source, but one major issue which arises while building is mismatch of Gazebo library version. So what do I do in such cases? Should I also build Gazebo from source or Gazebo-ROS interface packages or what exactly?

Help is appreciated, TIA!!

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