Disable gravity for Panda robot in gazebo simulations

asked 2022-05-02 07:07:51 -0600

Okram gravatar image

Hi, I am pretty new to ROS and Gazebo both and I was trying to build a pick and place simulation with the panda robot using this panda simulator panda_simulator. Gravity here is set to 0 in the world file which means all my unmounted objects get floaty once I interact with them. Now I found a way to to disable gravity for a single .urdf model how-to-disable-gravity-only-for-a-specific-model-in-gazebo but this does not seem to work for the panda simulator because once I introduce global gravity the out of the box pid controler with the interactive marker in rviz does not work and the robot just gets crushed by gravity.

Any suggestions much apreciated!

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