"Ray" Sensor type causing Problems

asked 2022-05-04 10:17:24 -0500

isiko404 gravatar image

I am using Gazebo with ROS2 Foxy, and am trying to implement a Lidar into my URDF. My problem is, that for some reason when I choose "ray" as the sensor type, even though I get data that can be displayed in Programmes like RVIZ, everything else breaks.

I do not get any errors in the Console, but for some reason some libraries (slam_toolbox and nav2) behave weirdly and others crash completely. Currently, I solved this by using the gpu_ray sensor type, but as I'm running my simulations on a normal Laptop, the Frequency is really low, so I would rather return to the ray sensor.

Here's the XML I use for the Gazebo sensor (in this case using the gpu_ray, the only thing I do when switching between the two is editing line 2):

<gazebo reference="lidar_link">
    <sensor name="lidar" type="gpu_ray">
      <plugin name="scan" filename="libgazebo_ros_ray_sensor.so">
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