Make Gazebo work with dronekit and ardupilot

asked 2022-05-15 20:41:25 -0500

gba gravatar image

Hello, and thank you for reading my question.

I would like to know how to link gazebo to ardupilot in order to make it work with a quadcopter on which there is a PixHawk4, is there any ressources where I could learn how to do that ? I am on Ubuntu 22.04 too

I am searching some ressources to make Gazebo working with Ardupilot and Dronekit for python programming a drone on which there is a PixHawk4 and I will add a computer companion raspberry pi or maybe nvidia jetson nano, I am on Ubuntu 22.04.

Any advice will be appreciated a lot :)

I had make all working except that I don't really know how to link Gazebo to ardupilot, I saw that there is an add-on but it seems not to be working with ubuntu 22.04.

Thank you by advance for any help. Gba

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