vtol aerodynamic unit and cp, area

asked 2022-05-26 23:30:11 -0500

<plugin name="lifting_surface" filename="libLiftDragPlugin.so">

    <!-- taken from the lift curve figure -->
    <!-- alpha_0 is 5 degrees -->
    <!-- alpha_stall is 19.3 degrees -->
    <!-- slope of the lift curve to the left of the stall angle -->
    <!-- slope of the lift curve to the right of the stall angle -->

    <!-- below are just random values in this example -->
    <forward>-1 0 0</forward>
    <upward>0 -1 0</upward>
    <cp>0 0 1</cp>
  1. What is the unit of area here?
  2. I'm curious as to which area exactly represents the area. If you have a formula please let me know
  3. Is it correct that the parameter value of cp represents x y z and What is the unit of cp here?
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