Can't configure my URDF in Gazebo

asked 2022-06-16 00:28:11 -0500

LuisEFA1998 gravatar image

I am trying to do a pick and place operation on Gazebo using MoveIt. In MoveIt it works perfect but in Gazebo I always have the problem that the robot explodes as shown in the video. After it explodes I get the following message in the terminal:

[ERROR] [1655356976.735790198, 29.727000000]: visual position of finger_1 contains NaNs. Skipping render as long as the position is invalid.

Does anyone know what this error means and how I can fix it? I've been at it for weeks and can't figure out what's going on. Finger 1 is one of the links in my end effector, it's always the one that gives me the error.

I tried to see if it was not a problem with my C++ code, but no, I have already tried other alternatives to do pick and place operations and it always explodes.

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