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what unit does joint controller use?

asked 2022-06-17 14:00:45 -0500

kakcalu13 gravatar image

I sent joint controllers using radian to move the robot. See the video example

So this made me realized, what does the uni it use? Is it just rad only? The wheels are using joint_controllers btw.

Unfortunately, there is nothing mention on the doc. I doubt it's m/s or velocity. It's mostly working with rad to degree.

When I move the robot, it doesn't seem like a second to me. So that makes me wonder what unit is it using? So that way, i can figure the better and properly formula rather than throw sticks at it and hope for the best

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answered 2022-06-17 14:26:20 -0500

kakcalu13 gravatar image

Oh, it's actually velocity

Interesting. If it's velocity then why did rad (degree * π/180) made the calculation working properly? Maybe its the formula that I was confused with.

If you know why, please comment because I'd love to know why!

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