Ignition Gazebo: Hydrodynamical Parameters

asked 2022-07-21 08:35:31 -0500

Julius Hendrix gravatar image


I'm working with the ingition gazebo hydrodynamics system, and I'm trying to correctly tune the hydrodynamical parameters required by the plugin. However, I'm confused about the implementation of these different parameters.

The parameters can be found on this page: Ignition Hydrodynamics

The parameters needed to construct the added mass matrix are clear. However, if I understand the reference material (Fossen, p.37, "Underwater Vehicles") correctly, the 'first order stability derivatives' are exactly the already provided added mass coefficients.

Furthermore, 'the second order stability derivatives' are the first order stability derivates multiplied by the components of a velocity vector. I understand how the linear and angular velocity vector should be used at runtime, but in the robot description I do not know what velocity vector should be used.

Could anyone explain how these parameters differ / how they should be interpreted?



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