Ignition Gazebo Polylines: Possibilities and Contraints

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Hi guys,

we are completely happy, that the Polylines geometry did the transition from Gazebo 11 to Ignition Gazebo 6.10.0. Since we are using this capability to visualize highly accurate maps for Automated Driving, esp. Lanelet1/2 format, we encountered some problems or challenges.

In our case we derive polygons from the highly accurate maps by "thickening" the borders, so that each border is represented by a polygon on its own. Then, loading the attached example file [1], we obtain the following error

[Dbg] [UserCommands.cc:1359] Created entity [9] named [llet]
[Err] [MeshManager.cc:676] Unable to extrude mesh. Triangulation failed
[Wrn] [Physics.cc:1334] Failed to create polyline for collision [collision].
[Wrn] [Model.hh:69] Skipping serialization / deserialization for models with //pose/@relative_to attribute.
[GUI] [Wrn] [Model.hh:98] Unable to deserialize sdf::Model
[GUI] [Err] [MeshManager.cc:676] Unable to extrude mesh. Triangulation failed
[GUI] [Err] [MeshDescriptor.cc:56] Mesh manager can't find mesh named [POLYLINE_4877b994-daa3-4a87-b71f-ea82ddf62ffa]
[GUI] [Err] [OgreMeshFactory.cc:506] Cannot load null mesh
[GUI] [Err] [SceneManager.cc:395] Failed to load geometry for visual: visual

Are there any guidelines, which contraints we have to consider?

BR and thx.

[1] https://answers.gazebosim.org/upfiles...

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