Add noise to Bounding Box Camera

asked 2022-12-06 05:29:39 -0500

samagalhaes gravatar image


Is it possible to add noise to bounding box cameras? How can I do it?

Currently, I am adding like so:

<model name="boundingbox_camera">
  <pose>0 0 1.0 0 0.0 0</pose>
  <link name="link">
    <collision name="collision">
          <size>0.1 0.1 0.1</size>
    <visual name="visual">
          <size>0.1 0.1 0.1</size>

    <sensor name="full_2d" type="boundingbox_camera">
        <!--<save enabled="true">

I verified that outputted bounding boxes in the topic do not have any noise (output is always the same).

OBS: I am using Ignition Gazebo (now Gazebo).

Thanks in advance for all the support.

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