How to use robot_lokalization package for mobile robot lokalization in gazebo?

asked 2022-12-10 20:49:15 -0500

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I have a mobile robot with dimension and sensor configuration (five sonar ultrasonic sensors and one IMU-9 degree of freedom) as in this photos here mobile robot in gazebo. The mobile robot is using the model of differential driving motion with mixing of sensory(sonar and IMU) information. I would like to use the ROS lokalization package to lokalize the robots. Here the photos of the robot and the gazebo simulation world mobile robot gazebo obstacle

The sonar sensors can measure distance to the wall(obstacle) and IMU can measure measures rotational speeds, linear accelerations, as well as rotation around each axis.

I would like to use robot_lokalization package robot_lokalization for estimating the position and orientation of the moving robot, described above, in a space of known dimensions (4m x4m) as in the gazebo picture The robot will perform random walking motion (and avoid obstacles-walls) in the space for a period of lets say 1 minute So will use (localization) in each time step of the movement, using the model of differential driving motion with mixing of sensory information (sonars, IMU) and ros_tracking package tracking pid.

The initial arrangement of the robot will start from the center of the movement space (x, y) = (0,0). Any helps with the implementation and the ros node? Can be in C++ or python


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